Academic Programmes


SMARTlab is engaged in a broad spectrum of research areas which operate across a number of research clusters, covering areas such as Performance, Social and Community Media, and Gaming. The method is intrinsically trans-disciplinary due to the backgrounds of those involved. Artists and technologists come together as scholars to collaborate in the teaching and learning environment. SMARTlab researchers are active in the design of new bespoke tools and assessing their potential through socially-based research models.  Continue reading…

MA Creative Technology Innovation

This Masters programme provides a framework of courses and modules to help understand, contextualize and position your existing experience within a 21st century discourse. The course responds to current and future global issues relating to creativity, technology, and innovation.

The MA in Creative Technology Innovation has been developed by the SMARTlab at University College Dublin. It follows the SMARTlab method for ethical and socially engaged transformative models of collaborative scholarly exploration. Within this context it provides a basis in which students will learn theoretical underpinnings of creativity and innovation.  Continue reading about the MA on this site or… Link to the MA detail on

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