Professor Lizbeth Goodman, co-Chair IFIP Games Accessibility Technical Committee, is speaking today in Paris on The History and Herstory of VR!

Lizbeth is Chair of the IEEE VSMM conference for 2017, and is also Co-Chair of the Game Accessibility Working Group for IFIP

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SMARTlab Kerry hosted another six day intensive PhD seminar, to bring a global community of vibrant research and innovation to the Iveragh Peninsula!

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samhavi1990’s – Jutta Treviranus – Inclusive Design ToolkitAt the beginning of her career, for the first personal computers – the Apple II Plus, the Tandy Model 100, the Texas Instruments computers, and later the Commodore 64 and Vic 20 – Treviranus designed alternative access systems for people with disabilities. She was assisted by experts at the University of Washington, the National Research Council Rehabilitation Technology Unit and the Microcomputer Application Program at the Hugh MacMillan Centre.

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Dr. Jacki Morie will be giving a free lecture on the subject of:

‘The Ultimate Selfie: Musings on the Future of Our Human Identity’ including a herstory/history of developments in virtual reality and the impact of visualisation technologies on human agency over time.

Date: Monday 13 February, 1-2pm

Funded by the ACM Distinguished Speakers Series.

All welcome. Free tickets can be reserved online here:

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