SMART INCLUDE XR Impact Lab Berlin Launch!

The Future of Learning using XR and Exponential Technologies introduced

by Prof Lizbeth Goodman


Workshop co-hosted by SMARTlab, XR FIrst and Facebook Digital Learning Academy, with VSMM 2019 and the OBE Conference


28 November 5-8pm: SMART INCLUDE XR Impact Lab Berlin Launch!

Free tickets available for the Berlin workshop here:


SPOTLIGHT Lecture by Lizbeth Goodman at the OEB Global Summit- Shaping the Future of Learning, Berlin, 28th November

AR, VR, MR… What is the Future of Inclusive Education Using XR Tools?
With Lizbeth Goodman

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Seal pup rescue

When local residents happened upon the young Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus) in early October, we did not consider that it would have much chance of survival. The pup’s mother had given birth on one of Ireland’s busiest beaches amidst Storm Lorenzo, and the threat from human disturbance was high.

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VSMM 2019 part 1 at the annual DEEP summit in Toronto
Current SMARTlab team members and previous graduates and adjuncts presented VSMM 2019 part 1 at the annual DEEP summit in Toronto! Lizbeth Goodman, James Aniyamuzala, Mohsen Mahjoobnia, Jutta Treviranus, Doreen Balabanoff, Lynne Heller, Martha Ladly, Sara Diamond, Nina Czegledy and Marie O’Mahony Barker all presented papers for publication in IEEE- and David Rokeby gave the keynote for DEEP!
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The SMARTlab – IDRC PhD Seminar Oct 2019

The SMARTlab – IDRC PhD Seminar

The SMARTlab-IDRC PhD seminar is on!

This semester includes a session on IEEE Virtual Systems and Multimedia (link) and also 2 free Facebook certified digital skills training sessions in AI and Innovation. Please sign up to attend.


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A new report by CfID, with partners Microsoft and Adobe, ‘Designing for Everyone’ is full of information to help you get inclusive design over the line.

Dr Manisha Amin, CEO of Centre for Inclusive Design, said, “Inclusive design is design that considers the full range of human diversity with respect to ability, language, culture, gender, age and other forms of human difference.”

After calls from customers of Centre fo Inclusive Design to identify the business benefits, they realised this research had never been done.  Along with partners Adobe and Microsoft, they commissioned PwC to identify how organisations and industries can gain economic benefit from inclusive design.

The outcome is a powerful resource for anyone looking to build a business case for incorporating inclusive design in to their work.

“We knew instinctively economic benefits exist, but the outcomes from the report show an incredible, largely untapped, opportunity.” said Dr Amin.

“Inclusively designed products and services have the potential to reach four times more customers than those that are not designed inclusively.”

Jeremy Thorpe, Partner and Chief Economist, PwC, said, “Inclusive design is a no-regrets process that creates significant benefits. It is an overlooked step in maximising the potential of Australian business and ensuring a more productive Australia.”

David Masters, Corporate Affairs Director, Microsoft Australia, said, “Accessibility is often focused on compliance, and while that is incredibly important, this report clearly shows that inclusion drives economic benefit too. Embedding inclusion in the upfront design phase ensures organisations are delivering products and services for everyone. Inclusive design is driving innovation at Microsoft and is a concept that all organisations should be embracing.”

Suzanne Steele, Managing Director, Adobe Australia and New Zealand, said, “Through our partnership with the Centre for Inclusive Design and Microsoft, we want to raise awareness of the importance for organisations to include a diverse range of voices and perspectives within their teams in order to reflect the diversity of the Australian population in their products and services.”

The report analyses three key industries in Australia – education, retail and financial services – that can benefit from implementing inclusive design and drive financial, economic and social improvements. Among these benefits, businesses have the opportunity to increase their revenue by growing their target markets and include Australians vulnerable to exclusion, who possess over $40 billion in annual disposable income.

You can access the full report and a summary here:

A sample of media articles can be found here:

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Professor Lizbeth Goodman will be moderating the HCI track at Hopper Local / Dublin at Microsoft Ireland.

Speakers will be:

Grace Hughes, Senior Content Designer for Fjord at The Dock, Accenture’s R&D hub.

Genevieve Smith-Nunes, Lecturer in computing education & digital media at University of Roehampton.

Kathryn Parkes, Design Researcher and UX Designer currently working with Cisco.

Hopper Local / Dublin February 27, 2019 · 7:30 am – 7:00 pm

Hopper Local / Dublin is a one-day locally organized conference modeled after our Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). This immersive event brings together women technologists at all levels – along with leading companies from industry, academia, and research – to build relationships, learn, and advance their careers. Hopper Local / Dublin is the inaugural event and will launch an Local Community in Ireland.

General Registration – 199.00 EUR / all-day event

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