Sonic Baton performance film
In lieu of the cancelled performance at Killruddery this weekend Joseph Young of Art of Noises will be making a short concert film at The Ceramic House in Brighton, UK.


The Sonic Baton is a custom made performance instrument adapted from an orchestral conductor’s baton and connected to a laptop to conduct noises, sound and music. The performance will feature field recordings from in and around the Killruddery estate and extracts from the many hours of recordings of the Brabazon family who own and run the estate, all accompanied by a haunting melodic underscore.


The film will go live on Sunday on the Killruddery YouTube channel ->
And there will be a short introductory film on Instagram Stories ->


Twitter and Instagram will also be posting about this on Saturday and Sunday.
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Seal pup rescue

When local residents happened upon the young Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus) in early October, we did not consider that it would have much chance of survival. The pup’s mother had given birth on one of Ireland’s busiest beaches amidst Storm Lorenzo, and the threat from human disturbance was high.

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The SMARTlab – IDRC PhD Seminar Oct 2019

The SMARTlab – IDRC PhD Seminar

The SMARTlab-IDRC PhD seminar is on!

This semester includes a session on IEEE Virtual Systems and Multimedia (link) and also 2 free Facebook certified digital skills training sessions in AI and Innovation. Please sign up to attend.


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