April Seminar – All Welcome! Join live or online via

 2:30-3:30 pm GMT Friday 20th April 2018,

SMARTlab Impact Lab @ University College Dublin (Ireland) Newstead Building B (@The Lightbulb Factory) Lecture Theatre, Room 80 Ground Floor

A Double Act not to be missed :

Cassandra Collins: Inclusive Design for Creativity

Cassandra is Creative Director in the Chief Technology Office, Microsoft

Digital, Services & Success, Redmond USA. Previously in London, Morocco and Tunis Cassandra worked closely with SMARTlab on the SafetyNET and WomenConnect projects and on design interaction for the World Summit Showcase Award.


Dr Dónal Fitzpatrick: “How Smart is my Screenreader?”- challenging the possible with interactive technology

Dónal is a Lecturer in the School of Computer Science at Dublin City

His research activities fall generally into the field of Human Computer Interaction, with an emphasis on Universal Design. He is particularly interested in providing solutions to usability issues which ensure that user interfaces are accessible to all people.

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YurgosDr Yurgos Politis presented today to the DEEP Summit, outlining the achievements of the Inclusive Learning Project funded by the European Commission’s Leonardo Programme.

The presentation is here.

The live MOOC can be accessed here.

The interactive, fully accessible and adaptable Handbook of Inclusive Learning is here.

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open-innovation-logoProfessor Lizbeth Goodman will be speaking on Hippocratic Innovation at Intel’s Open Innovation Summit, Dublin Castle. The objective of this conference is to bring together thought leaders, senior decision makers, policy leaders, leading executives and social innovators to initiate a develop a manifesto, platform and roadmap for sustainable economy and society development. To view the full conference programme, click here.

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Queen-MaryDepartment of Sociology, Trinity College & the SMARTlab of UCD are pleased to announce this joint event: Professor Haim Bresheeth to present his new film, London is Burning and will also introduce the film and take questions from the audience. Dr David Landy of TCD and Professor Lizbeth Goodman of the SMARTlab at UCD will co-host.

Download flyer.


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Queen-MaryPhD graduate Gayil Nalls will be presenting Human Flashmobs: An Evolutionary Construct at the upcoming conference of The Society for Social Neuroscience (S4SN) in New Orleans, Louisiana, on 11–12 October 2012. Nalls’ research explores a behavioural aspect of living North American Robins, large brown migratory thrushes, as they occupy a localised natural summer habitat, in order to better understand a dramatic and fast-evolving human behaviour known as flash mobbing.


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installation_taeyTaey Kim, a SMARTlab PhD candidate and artist, is an invited speaker at the ‘Cultural Translation and East Asia: Film, Literature and Art’ conference at the University of Bangor, 7–8 September 2012. She will present a paper entitled ‘Live as if Untranslated: Ghostwriters and the Artistic Interstice’, on the panel of Art, Practice and Cinema, which she will chair.


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