SMARTlab director Lizbeth Goodman will be giving a speech at the Irish Research Council STEAM: A Workshop to Cultivate Interdisciplinary Research in Ireland. Her speech is titled “Full Steam ahead: on STEAM, R-STEAM,  G-STEAM and the need for Inclusive Design in Education”.

Other members of the SMARTlab team will be giving speeches in the same plenary session. Members and their titles can be found below.

  • Dr Shane Keaveney and Colin Keogh: “Disruptive Tech for New STEAM Applications”,
  • Dr Anita McKeown: “Water in the Desert: using a novel STEAM curriculum tool for creative placemaking’
  • Çağrı Çubukçu: “Creative Gamification”

If you wish to get more information about IRC STEAM, please follow this link.

The full programme of the workshop can also be found below:

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Global Education Summit, 26-27 March
SMARTlab is proud to participate in the inaugural meeting of the Global Education Summit in Istanbul, with the President of Turkey and senior Ministers, the Education Director of the OECD, Director of Intel EMEA, et al:

21st: Dr David Prendergast of Intel on Lizbeth Goodman and Nicola Herbertson lead the hands-on training session on Communicating for Indsutry Impact, Virtual Worlds by and for People with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities – with participants including the six new SMARTlab-IDRC Marie Curie Fellows: Dr Cathy Dalton, Dr Kenn Kerr, Dr Yugos Politis, Dr Anita Yakkundi, Dr Aviva Cohen and Dr Nigel Robb

TED, 7-8 March
Valencia Spain- inTED: SMARTlab chairs the Panel with speakers including Prof Lizbeth Goodman (chair), Dr Joe Eyerman, Dr Jacki Morie, Camille Baker, Dr Ken Kerr, Prof Jutta Treviranus, Dr Eva de Lera, Nicola Herbertson, Laura Screpanti, Bo Zhang, Cagir Cubukcu, on VIRTUAL WORLDS & ROBOTICS FOR INCLUSIVE LEARNING

Profesor Lizbeth Goodman to speak on Innovation at the Leadership Forum, Croke Park Stadium, Dublin this Thursday 3rd March:





SMARTlab Winter Wonderland- Spring Forward: 2016 PhD Seminar!














Lynne Heller: “Avatar Daughters: Envisioning a Spectrum between the Material/Virtual Through Feminist Theory”#


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Smart People - Smart Economy
The U.S. Embassy is hosting a fascinating workshop in Mabos on Hanover Quay on Thursday 3rd of April at 3pm titled “Innovative Citizenship: the New Civics”

The topic of the afternoon is “What opportunity does technology provide to help redefine civic education and public engagement? Experiments with games, online social media and civic projects explores what’s next in citizenship”

Panelist: Stephen Walter, Emerson Engagement Game Lab
Panelist: Fred Boss, NCCA
Panelist: Sean O’Gradaigh, NUI Galway
Panelist: James Corbett, Mission V
Panelist: Lizbeth Goodman, SMARTlab Digital Institute

Spaces are limited but If you’re interested in attending please RSVP: Angie Smith, Deputy Director, Office of Public Diplomacy, U.S. Embassy:

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back row from left:
Paul Galvin (Tyndall Centre); Evert Jan Hoogerwerf (; Declan Kirrane (Intelligence in Science); Lizbeth Goodman (UCD); Brian J.P. Harvey (; Bart Verkerke (SPRINT); Paul Whelan (; Pablo Rebaque Rivas (

front row from left:
Geraldine Leader (NUI Galway); John Dinsmore (; Karola Dillenburger (

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Extra-Ability WorkshopFollowing on from the significant community interest we have received in the SMARTlab’s technologies, since the airing of the Science Squad programme on RTÉ 1: A Sense of Things to Come, we are hosting a special community engagement workshop on Extra Ability on Friday 13 July.

The Extra Ability open workshop, Directed by Dr Mick Donegan (European eye control expert/Director of SpecialEffect charity) and Professor Lizbeth Goodman (Chair of Creative Technology Innovation at UCD and SMARTlab Director), will feature an eye-control technology demonstration and show innovative methods and tools for communication with and by people with learning and physical disabilities.

RSVP to: Ms Ricki Schoen: email /+353 1 716 7970


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Because February 29 happens only once every four years, Beirut Art Center is putting on a special programme involving two pioneers of industrial and electronic music.  Pacific 231 is a project by SMARTlab PhD student Pierre Jolivet.  His concert is Wednesday 29 February 2012 at 8 pm.  More info…  Seminars by Philippe Blanchard and Pierre Jolivet are on Saturday 3 March 2012 at 4 pm, free entry.  More info…

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Lynne Heller with AvatarThis year’s Practice-based PhD Seminar ran from Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October 2011 at Nova Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre on campus at University College Dublin.

The main focus was on Practice and Practice-based Research Methods, and students presented on their research alongside seminars, lectures and visiting speakers. See images at our photostream on Flickr.  See schedule of proceedings here (pdf).

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A group of men put years of their lifetime experiences to good use to mentor secondary school boys and help create energy saving devices for an older people’s centre.

Members of the Geezers Club worked with Bow Boys School, artist Loraine Leeson, engineerToby Borland (SMARTlab, MAGICbox) and former rocket scientist Professor Steven Dodds to explore alternative means of energy production.

Together they created designs for wind turbines and developed small scale working prototypes under expert guidance. And the most successful design was selected to produce a wind turbine, which was launched at Appian Court, a centre for older people in Bow.

The Active Energy project takes an inter-generational approach to tackling some of the key issues facing communities in the borough. It addressed under-achievement amongst boys by giving them mentoring, master classes, providing inspiration and fostering their skills, creativity and innovation.

Ray Gipson, 70, a member of the Geezers Club and a former governor of Bow Boys School, said the project also energised club members who were able to reminiscence about the activities they used to do.

“We suggested the production and use of a windmill as we thought they hadn’t been used to their full potential,” Ray said.

“Now, we want organisations to adopt some of our methods to help people save on their energy bills.”

Also involved in the project was the arts charity SPACE which helped bring the different people together.

Spokeswoman Fiona Feber said: “Renewable energy is often seen as the remit of statutory institutions or those wealthy enough to afford the significant cost of the equipment involved. However, there is growing interest in the technologies involved amongst ordinary people living in east London.”

The Geezers meet on Tuesdays from 1.30-3.30pm at Appian Court, run by Age Concern Tower Hamlets, in Parnell Road, Bow. Call 8981 7124 for further information.

By Jessica Odubayo (29 March 2010)

(Original article from News at eastendlife at Tower Hamlets Website)

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SMARTlab will be participating in the University College London 2009 3D Colour Laser Scanning conference and AHeSSC/JISC workshop, this 3rd and 4th of September ’09.

The Life cycle of a digital object workshops will provide hands-on experience, from laser scanning to visualization and 3D printing and is aimed at anyone (particularly conservators, curators and educators) interested in user engagement and 3D objects.


Prof. Lizbeth Goodman will give a keynote speech at the conference on the 4th September.

Workshops with:

Përparim RamaArchitectural Systems: Generating, Optimising and Analysing, Architectural and Urban Developments (Download PDF).  Rama is an MA/PhD supervisor at SMARTlab, in the area of 3D Generative Architecture  and  SMARTbuilding design.

Toby BorlandMAGICbox rapid prototyping and RepRap demo. Toby  is MAGICbox Manager and Researcher. He will present the machines used within the MAGICbox prototyping lab and the outcomes of SMARTlab’s research into Accessible Technology, Personal and Community Fabrication. Toby will demonstrate his rendition of the RepRap (Originally conceived by Dr. Adrian Bowyer of Bath University): a self replicating rapid prototyping machine that has been built in-house at SMARTlab to make copies of itself using a laser cutter. The RepRap machine provides an excellent example of open source, user-led manufacturing.

Places are FREE but limited.

To register, please reply with your contact information (email, phone number) to


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RepRap 'parent'
RepRap 'parent'

Reboot Britain is a major one-day event to respond in speech and demonstration to the government’s Digital Britain report, with a wide range of the UK’s main thinkers proposing ways and means to ‘reboot’ the country. Organised by The Policy Unplugged and Germinate teams in association with NESTA, the day addresses the new possibilities this generation has to overcome and the challenges we face as a country in the digital age. It questions how we can take advantage of the digital world in which we live and examines how we can begin to address the radically networked digital world to help revive our economy, rebuild our democratic structures, and improve public services.

Professor Lizbeth Goodman, Director of the SMARTlab Digital Media Institute and MAGIC Multimedia and Games Innovation Centre, will give a speech at the event in the morning provocation panel on Learning without Frontiers. Toby Borland, MAGICbox Manager and SMARTlab Researcher, will be presenting the prototyping lab’s innovative approach to some of these challenges, by demonstrating a number of the machines used within MAGICbox and the outcomes of its research into Accessible Technology, Personal and Community Fabrication.

Toby Borland will highlight how the MAGICbox open source ethos and rapid prototyping capabilities can provide new inroads to access and participation in the digital economy. He will demonstrate and discuss the MAGICbox’s social study of user engagement in digital manufacturing, taking into account open source philosophies and the immersion of wider communities, encouraging user-led innovation and maximised Intellectual Property opportunities for connected communities.

SMARTlab will be taking a number of MAGICbox’s small machines to Reboot Britain, along with its version of the RepRap: a self replicating rapid prototyping machine that has been designed and built in-house at SMARTlab to make copies of itself using a laser cutter. The RepRap machine provides an excellent example of open source, user-led manufacturing. Originally conceived by Dr. Adrian Bowyer of Bath University, SMARTlab created this version and has submitted its files to the RepRap community to continue its evolution.

RepRap 'child'
RepRap 'child'

For more information visit: Reboot Britain – Event & Ticket Information:

SMARTlab’s MAGICbox:

IMAGES 1 & 2: The MAGICbox RepRap – parent and child

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