Dr Denise Doyle

Virtual Worlds and Virtual Experiences


Dr Denise Doyle completed her PhD at the SMARTlab UEL campus in December 2010 and graduated from UEL in November 2011. Her thesis, ‘Art and The Emergent Imagination in Avatar Mediated Online Space’, investigates the artist’s experience of the imaginary in virtual worlds. Denise is developing a framework for a new theory of the imagination that incorporates experiences of mediated spaces created through interdisciplinary research in art and technology. With a background in Fine Art Painting (BA Hons from Winchester School of Art) and Design and Digital Media (MA from Coventry University), Denise is an artist, curator and researcher, and is Senior Lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Wolverhampton. She joins the SMARTlab Adjunct Faculty as an expert in ‘Virtual Worlds and Virtual Experiences’.
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