Turlif Vilbrandt

Digital Materialisation Expert


Turlif Vilbrandt completed his Master of Literature with a thesis on ‘Conservation of Cultural Artifacts and Craft Using Constructive Based Spatial Modeling’. He graduated with a Masters from UCD in December 2011. His thesis proposed a new digital 3D-modeling platform for archiving historic artifacts and culture in exact detail, while also allowing the same information to be shared, modified, extended and incorporated into modern culture, design, objects and processes. This research points toward an informative, interactive and living form of conservation. For twenty years, Turlif has been researching methods and processes to precisely describe (computationally capture) the complexity and quality of natural and real objects. He has developed a generalised and holistic approach to accurately modeling and designing such objects. He established one of the first (and still few) companies to engineer and apply this technology using personal computers. He is the Director of Technology for Uformia AS, a start-up based above the Arctic Circle in Norway, creating a new approach and platform for 3D modeling, design and fabrication. Since 2006, in rural Japan and Norway, Turlif has founded and helped to establish digital community centres dedicated to IT education and personalised micro-manufacturing. He is also an active participant of the Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) community. Turlif believes that the traditionally pure pursuit of ‘technology for technology’s sake’ is a flawed approach. He maintains that human and environmental issues will have to be a factor in the future of technology innovation for successful economic and social development to occur (particularly in this age of personal digital empowerment). He is developing his own FLOSS licensing to help address, in part, this issue. Turlif sits on the board of directors of several international organisations, including a newly formed non-profit in Japan dedicated to Digital Materialisation. Turlif is continuing his research and development on advanced 3D modeling through the SMARTLab PhD programme. Selected papers include: Vilbrandt, T., Pasko, A. and Vilbrandt, C. (2009). ‘Fabricating Nature’, in Technoetic Arts: a Journal of Speculative Research, 7(2), pp. 165–73. Vilbrandt, T., Malone, E. et al. (2008). ‘Universal Desktop Fabrication’, in Heterogeneous Objects Modelling and Applications, pp. 259–84.
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