• Lectures >>> Professor Lizbeth Goodman undertakes an International Keynote Tour
• Shows >>> DUET for EYES: Eyejamming & EyeBodyweaving 9th April at The Science Gallery, Dublin
• Shows >>> Beyond the 7 Movements of James
• Don't Miss >>> Serious Virtual Worlds on CNBC Europe
• Workshops >>> MAGICbox Flying Lessons
What's On
image of lizbeth's talk in ICE08

  • ICE '08 Conference, Toronto, Canada, 26th – 28th March. ‘The Convergence of Creativity and Innovation and its Impact on Industry’
  • Knowledge Oasis Muscat, Oman, 30th March – 1st April. A major gathering of world experts on Serious Games
  • World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dubai, 1st – 3rd April
  • Filmobile Conference, London, 5th April. Speaking on ‘Performing Live and Online in the Mobile Metaverse’
  • image of eyejamming
    In this world premiere James Brosnan and Katie Gilligan lead a team of artists and engineers in a real-time music and dance jam using the pioneering Mytobii system. This brings to fruition years of new research in interactive technology and creative expression, known under the banner of the InterFACES Project, whereby SMARTlab aims to put a human face on technology. >>> Read more

    Special SECOND LIFE INTERACTVE dance to go live in Wheelies Nightclub (http://tinyurl.com/3dkmu7) and Kriti Island http://tinyurl.com/3agbnx from 6:30-7.00pm and 8:30-9.00pm for those who wish to join from other parts of the world!

    SMARTlab News

    SMARTlab Short-listed For Three BlackBerry Women & Technology Awards!

    Professor Lizbeth Goodman and Taey Kim have been short-listed for this year’s Blackberry awards.

    Lizbeth, nominated for Best Woman in Technology (Public Sector and Academia) has received recognition for SMARTlab’s work on TRUST which uses Open & Multimodal Interfaces to create a customized immersive game and healing environment for young people, with and without disabilities.

    Both Taey and Lizbeth have been short-listed for the category of Best Use of Technology within the Multimedia Industry by a Woman - Taey's HD multiscreen art work Nightscanning at the Matrix East Research Centre, and Lizbeth again for the TRUST project!

    (Beyond) The 7 Movements of James

    As part of the Project Brand New showcase of emergent theatre work and new forms of expression, SMARTlab (UK) and SPIRITlevel (International), in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin and KILA, presented an integrated dance/music/technology showcase:

    Wednesday 19 March, 2008
    8pm >>> Full programme download (PDF)

    Serious Virtual Worlds On CNBC Europe A Serious Virtual Worlds segment aired on CNBC at 19:30 on Friday 28th March (UK Time) including interviews and SMARTlab contributions shot at the Serious Games Institute last year. The segment is part of the World Business programme. After airing on CNBC, the show will be syndicated to Sky, TV New Zealand, Euronews, PBS-TV in the US and seventeen other national broadcasters around the world. We will not receive advance notice of when these stations plan to air the show but it will be within seven days of premiering on CNBC. Don't worry if you missed it. The segment will be available on the Now Communications website for download once it is broadcast - http://nowcommunications.co.uk

    One hundred and twenty school children, unlimited paper planes and one winning Concord! SMARTlab delivered yet another exciting MAGICbox Workshop on the 17th March. After an analysis of aeronautical engineering (wing lift theory and false theories, chord width and wingtip vortices, wing loading, centre of gravity, formulas) and some record breaking models, trimming and throwing techniques, Toby Borland introduced one hundred and twenty children from Rokeby School to aeronautics as part of their year twelve Maths and Physics Curriculum. This MAGICbox session helped the children to understand the importance of maths and the winning factors in design, noteworthy failures and where reality departs from theory.
    Watch this space for winning paper plane designs!

    For further information please contact Rachel Lasebikan rachel@smartlab.uk.com
    The SMARTlab Digital Media Institute, University of East London, Docklands Campus, 4-6 University Way, London E16 2RD T: +44 (0)208 223 7823 F: +44 (0)208 223 7140