Census of the Heart

An alternative census that gets to the heart of our population. By asking deeper questions, we’ll find meaningful answers to who we are and what we feel as people alive in Ireland in 2016…

Dear Friends,

We have been busy at The Trailblazery HQ and are delighted to launch the next thing from us to you – Census of the Heart.

On the night of April 24, coinciding with the precise anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising, the 2016 National Census takes place in Ireland. To mark this occasion, The Trailblazery is launching an alternative census – Census of the Heart. This is a national enquiry that aims to capture the deeper dimension of people’s lived experience and find out what it really means to be alive in Ireland exactly 100 years after the Rebellion. The National Census will enable future generations to find out about us, their ancestors. On technology we have yet to dream of, they will discover who was where, how many rooms were in the house we were in, if there was a peat fire, a septic tank and Wi-Fi and other stuff like that. This is important, but Census of the Heart delves a little deeper into the psyche and soul of the people in Ireland. Responding to the general categories of the census, we have come up with questions that explore other ways of knowing and understanding what it means to be alive in Ireland in 2016.

Why an alternative census? We have all been immersed in the story of Ireland’s past with the centenary commemorations, remembering the lives of the men and women on this island 100 years ago. Census of the Heart aims to excavate and preserve the state of our nation in 2016 for future generations. According to the literature, “Census 2016 will give a comprehensive picture of the social and living conditions of our people”. So, on the 24th of April every person on the island of Ireland will become a statistic. While the official census provides valuable data on a broad range of social and economic infrastructure, we’re upgrading and augmenting that knowledge by asking deeper questions that accesses people’s inner worlds. We want to know what matters to you in 2016.

The Ask: Tell us how you feel: Our mission is to connect with a broad section of people across the island of Ireland so we can get straight to the heart of things. We believe that all voices are important. We’re asking you to help us achieve our vision by completing Census of the Heart and then sharing it with friends, family, colleagues and even random strangers via your personal and professional social networks. The Census of the Heart survey will run for 4 weeks from April 24 – May 22 onhttp://www.censusoftheheart.com

Below you’ll find some sample posts for your Facebook and Twitter pages, an image to share via social channels and links to The Trailblazery social accounts. Feel free to copy and paste these or come up with your own.

Sample Tweets:

The Trailblazery present Census of the Heart – Tell us how it feels to be alive in Ireland 2016? http://www.censusoftheheart.com/ #censusoftheheart

Census of the Heart – an alternative census that conects with the heart of Irish people in 2016. http://www.censusoftheheart.com/ #censusoftheheart

Census of the Heart: an alternative Irish census connecting with the heart of our population. http://www.censusoftheheart.com/ #censusoftheheart

Census of the Heart – an alternative Census. Tell future generations how Ireland feels in 2016. http://www.censusoftheheart.com/ #censusoftheheart

Léiríonn An Trailblazery Daonáireamh an Chroí – Inis dúinn conas a mhothaíonn sé bheith beo in Éirinn i 2016? http://www.censusoftheheart.com/ #daonaireamhanchroi

Daonáireamh an Chroí: Daonáireamh difriúil a dheanann ceangailt le dlúthchroí muintir na hÉireann i 2016 http://www.censusoftheheart.com/ #daonaireamhanchroi

Daonáireamh an Chroí: Daonáireamh difriúil adgceangailt le croí an phobail http://www.censusoftheheart.com/ #daonaireamhanchroi

Daonáireamh an Chroí: Daonáireamh difriúil. Inis do ghluainte an todhchaí conas a mhothaíonn Éire i 2016 http://www.censusoftheheart.com/ #daonaireamhanchroi


The Trailblazery brings you Census of the Heart – an alternative census that gets to the heart of our population in 2016. By asking deeper questions, we’ll find meaningful answers so that future generations will know how it feels to be alive in Ireland right now. We are asking you to contribute to this snapshot in time and maybe even influence future history.

Léiríonn An Trailblazery Daonáireamh an Chroí – Daonáireamh difriúil a dheanann ceangailt le dlúthchroí muintir na hÉireann i 2016. Tríd ceisteanna domhain a chur, aimseoimid freagraí tábhachtacha do ghluainte an todhchaí ar chonas a mhothaí Éire inniu. Fiafraímid duit páirt a ghlacadh le go mbeimid in ann an am áirithe seo i ndáimh na hÉireann a léiriú agus, seans, an todhchaí romhainn a athrú.

The Trailblazery Links:

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Hashtag – #censusoftheheart

Facebook Event Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/234329116925618/

Kathy Scott
Independent Creative Producer
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Global Education Summit, 26-27 March
SMARTlab is proud to participate in the inaugural meeting of the Global Education Summit in Istanbul, with the President of Turkey and senior Ministers, the Education Director of the OECD, Director of Intel EMEA, et al: http://ges.world/speakers/

21st: Dr David Prendergast of Intel on Lizbeth Goodman and Nicola Herbertson lead the hands-on training session on Communicating for Indsutry Impact, Virtual Worlds by and for People with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities – with participants including the six new SMARTlab-IDRC Marie Curie Fellows: Dr Cathy Dalton, Dr Kenn Kerr, Dr Yugos Politis, Dr Anita Yakkundi, Dr Aviva Cohen and Dr Nigel Robb

TED, 7-8 March
Valencia Spain- inTED: SMARTlab chairs the Panel with speakers including Prof Lizbeth Goodman (chair), Dr Joe Eyerman, Dr Jacki Morie, Camille Baker, Dr Ken Kerr, Prof Jutta Treviranus, Dr Eva de Lera, Nicola Herbertson, Laura Screpanti, Bo Zhang, Cagir Cubukcu, on VIRTUAL WORLDS & ROBOTICS FOR INCLUSIVE LEARNING

Profesor Lizbeth Goodman to speak on Innovation at the Leadership Forum, Croke Park Stadium, Dublin this Thursday 3rd March:





SMARTlab Winter Wonderland- Spring Forward: 2016 PhD Seminar!














Lynne Heller: “Avatar Daughters: Envisioning a Spectrum between the Material/Virtual Through Feminist Theory”#


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ERACAN+ logo Eracan+ teamProfessor Lizbeth Goodman spoke at the morning kickoff meeting at the MARS Research hub in Toronto in June, and joined government officials and European representatives on an industry and accelerator tour. SMARTlab and the IDRC of Ireland are soon to kick off with new collaborative projects. Watch this space..

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This event follows on from the Dublin Seminar of 17 July, and is running in collaboration with the OCADU Masters of Inclusive Design with 25 international candidates participating live, and additional presentations online.

Speakers include Prof Jutta Treviranus, Prof Lizbeth Goodman, Cheryl L’Hirondelle (Why the Caged Bird Sings: Native Radical Inclusivity and Sonic Survivance, including a Cree song and Round Dance as part of the presentation), Lynne Heller, David Lawson, Paul Shechter, Dr Sambhavi Chandrashekar and Don Tapscott!

The seminar is streaming live on Vidyo.
Also see pics in the flickr stream

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meetsharedance2Calling all dancers and dance enthusiasts, of all levels of experience and ability: the European/International MeetShareDance Festival is now on at UCD, led by Choreographer Cathy O’Kennedy (Fluxusdance, Counterbalance – Arts and Disability Ireland), with dancer Bobby Byrne (Counterbalance) with Monika Pozek (Artistic Director, MeetshareDance) and Douglas Scott (Full Radiance Dance, USA).

Supported by DLR Council Arts Office, Dance Ireland, SMARTlab-UCD, FluxusDance and Art Disability Ireland.

All welcome!

Click here for more information.

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assistid-logoASSISTID is an EU Marie Curie research programme coordinated by the DOCTRID Research Institute (www.doctrid.ie). The DRI brings together researchers from all of the universities and 3 Institutes of Technology on the island of Ireland in addition to partners in the UK and USA. Our research network is multidisciplinary and offers a critical mass of researchers including psychologists, social scientists, occupational therapists, engineers, computer scientists and people with ID or ASD and their families and carers, all who are dedicated to improving the lives of people with ID or ASD.

The ASSISTID programme offers a unique opportunity for researchers from a variety of disciplines  to submit an original research project in their area of interest around ID or ASD. Proposals should examine the role of Assistive Technology in improving social inclusion, independence, mobility, education and employment for people with ID or ASD. Applicants should have a PhD OR relevant research/professional experience.

View the ASSISTID Flyer here and visit www.assistid.eu for more information. The deadline is 30th September 2015.  For applications to work with SMARTlab or the Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland at UCD, please contact Professor Lizbeth Goodman (ASSISTID Academic Chair) in advance of application for knowledge matching and coordination of supervisors and associated supports.

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