SafetyNET aims in all its work to use new technologies to protect and communicate with and for women and children in need.

In our travels to set up internet safespaces, shelters and listen-in centres worldwide over the past 12 years, we have learned so much from day-to-day stories of amazing survival and creativity in the face of oppression. We have canvassed our core members internationally, and all agree that SafetyNET must also provide a forum to promote understanding both of issues affecting women in developing countries, and raise awareness of the unique capacity for strength, empowerment and survival we have witnessed. 

SafetyNET Films & Media is a new addition to the suite of SafetyNET media tools for communication. This venture allows us to support our overall mission through recording and sharing selected stories of those who have overcome abuse and other social problems. Combining new and established technologies, such as digital film making, radio and podcasts, we will document the lives of women who have overcome constraints upon their personal and social freedom. In this way we hope to develop new channels and outputs for advocacy on behalf of others like them, in order to find ways of sharing their success and rebuilding communities as well as lives.  

Given the rich and diverse practices of all cultures, and given that our teams work between countries and languages, it is of course important to recognize that we cannot as visitors expect to understand all the nuances of the unique societies in which our constituents live. It is therefore crucial for us to work with partners and networks within the communities themselves, in order to document truthfully and fairly the individual lives and societies we portray.

We are currently soliciting commissions, contributions and other funding opportunities to get this new initiative off the ground in all areas of need.

The first productions accessible online have been produced by as well as for women in the SafetyNET network, with full knowledge and approval of the individuals concerned and their families and communities.


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