(be)longing 10 min, 35mm, colour, 2007

A group of inspiring African teenagers brought illegally or trafficked into the UK overcome desperate situations and new lives for themselves in London. Now in college, fluent in English, with dreams of going to university, the girls face deportation on their 18th birthdays under current Home Office rules. This film asks them what they long for and where they feel they belong.

(be)longing was produced, directed and edited by Leslie Hill and Helen Paris executive producer Cairo Cannon project manager Cheryl Pierce at Artsadmin assistant producer Emmy Minton director of photography Nick Gordon Smith dvd cover design Taey Kim

© 2007 Curious International Ltd. All rights reserved.

Funded by The Women’s Library, London Metropolitan University. Arts Council England, Awards For All, City Bridge Trust, the John S Cohen Foundation, Friends of the Women’s Library, Brunel University and SMARTLab Digital Media Institute, University of East London. Made with the help of the NSPCC There to Here group, a support group of women and girls brought or trafficked into the UK as minors and sexually exploited.


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