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Going forward with SafetyNET

Reading Lizbeth’s words about the history, and knowing that so many people have done so much already is humbling.

shelia.jpgFrom my background I bring research into the challenges facing Africa economically, deep experience in enterprise and helping people at all levels to find their unique voices. But this is a new venture for me, to step into something that could affect people around the globe so completely.

In some senses SafetyNET offers people the opportunity to mentor and support each other, to give them permission to discover their own brilliance together. Once the space is discovered and the initial healing occurs most people will take wing and fly by themselves. Our responsibility is to make sure that the women and young people who need the safety can find us, and that they have the early stage support that is so critical as they learn to unfurl their capabilities.

We welcome ideas and networks which can enable this journey on a global scale. At the same time even one person helped locally makes a difference, so it isn’t necessary to have grand plans, everyone can contribute, we’ll hold the larger community.

Please contact us, work with us, develop local projects for women & young people and promote them through SafetyNET.

Thank you

Sheila Robinson


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