Give to SAFEspaces.NET...  Give the gift of safety to the world's women.

Donations are tax deductible and can be matched by corporate sponsorship if made by employees of registered companies. To donate, make check payable to using new technologies LTD. and send to:

Attorney Mukta Dhumale
P O Box 750542-0542
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Tel: 718 268 3840

SafetyNet Tax ID #42-160-3552

SAFEspaces.NET Ltd is a not for profit company run by women, with the explicit aim of helping the world's women to gain and improve their access to safe spaces for information, protection, dialogue, cross-cultural communication and creative expression.

SAFEspaces.NET encourages the active involvement of women, men and children of all ages, races, sexual orientations and political positions.

We do insist on the respecting of personal boundaries for the world's women, and offer spaces where communication can flow without fear, and where transgressed boundaries can be rebuilt and woven into new, liberating and creative forms.

Thank you for your gift.

* Coming soon...  Paypal for easy donations.


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