About SafetyNET

Our vision for the SafetyNet Project is to enable more women and children to live life free from abuse, and to affect change in cultural attitudes about human rights around the globe.

We have a long track record in the field of using new technologies for social change.  Our Founder and President, and many core members of the organization, make regular invited visits to shelters worldwide, and work with women and children on a wide range of empowerment projects.

moon01.gifOf course, it is not appropriate to share the details or images of those journeys here on the web. The web is now ubiquitous: too public a forum for the sharing of some of the most personal and political of events and situations. Many of the women we help come to us in confidence and many of the problems they face are complex. The solutions, or simply the act of seeking solutions, can have repercussions and in some cases further compromise the safety and wellbeing of the troubled women seeking support and refuge from harm. SafetyNET must remain a trustworthy and sensitive resource, whilst at the same time harnessing that very potential of the world wide web to reach across different countries and cultures, and into the individual lives of those in need.

SafetyNET utilizes the power of widespread mobile communications in whatever form they take from culture to culture (including mobile phones, wireless networks, cybercafes etc.) to share ideas, images and information of use to women and children seeking to build sustainable communities free of violence.

Our worldwide technology and sustainability workshops and ‘skillshops’ aim to share media tools and to engage in knowledge exchange at local level, not only with women in shelters but also with women and girls in schools, factories, rural communities and art centres: to share the best of what the local and global networks have to lend one another.

We operate from our base in New York and also from studios for women’s creativity and safety in London and Dublin, with linked sister sites developed in Morocco and India. Only our main office addresses will ever appear online for the anonymity and safety of our collaborators remains paramount. Projects are operating in North America, Asia, North Africa and Europe. Plans are underway to establish SafetyNet in Latin America.

Here are some of the public achievements that our world community are most proud of:

With communications technologies becoming more accessible across the world, many of our colleagues and clients no longer necessarily require provision of complex equipment, but rather seek to tell their stories and to share successes and ideas with maximum impact and value. We are shifting focus to creative media workshops, residencies and skills development programmes in new media, film and women’s micro-entrepreneurship.

SafetyNet’s creative and skills-swapping program also provides women with opportunities to develop computer skills and experience creative technologies for themselves (in videography, digital photography, web design and other forms of mediated storytelling). In this way opportunities for economic independence and career development can open up for each woman, in each community, in a form appropriate to her needs and her cultural location. Training and support are thus provided in the start-up of e-commerce businesses and small enterprises, such as selling locally-made art works online.


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