sistersSafetyNET Wear is the SafetyNET arm of the Sustainable and SMARTFashion Lab at the new SMARTlab in UCD.  The Mooney Sisters have been affiliated with the safetyNET arm of SMARTlab since 2004. In their work they marry elements of technology with craft and it is, they believe, within this area of crossover that interaction, empowerment and creative awareness have the potential to bring together the individual, the wider community and the environment within which they sit. They see garments and textiles acting as a sustainable interface between the individual and their immediate environment, promoting reflection, emotional durability and communication.  Read more...

Agents of Change

SMARTlab is pleased to inform you that Fatima Sadiqi and Maha Ennaji have co-edited a volume on Women in the Middle East and North Africa. Agents of Change, published by Routledge.

This book examines the position of women in the contemporary Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Although it is culturally diverse, this region shares many commonalities with relation to women that are strong, deep, and pervasive: a space-based patriarchy, a culturally strong sense of religion, a smooth co-existence of tradition and modernity, a transitional stage in development, and multilingualism/multiculturalism.

Experts from within the region and from outside provide both theoretical angles and case studies, drawing on fieldwork from Egypt, Oman, Palestine, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Spain. Addressing the historical, socio-cultural, political, economic, and legal issues in the region, the chapters cover five major aspects of women’s agency: political agency; civil society activism; legal reform; cultural and social agencies; and religious and symbolic agencies.
Bringing to light often marginalized topics and issues, the book underlines the importance of respecting specificities when judging societies and hints at possible ways of promoting the MENA region. As such, it is a valuable addition to existing literature in the field of political science, sociology, and women’s studies.

I am pleased to inform you that my latest journalistic piece, "North African Women at the Forefront of Legal Reform" has been released by Common Ground News Service (New York) on November 10, 2009. The article is translated into French, Arabic, Indonisian and Urdu and is appearing in various newspapers and websites. The four versions of the article are available at the bottom of the English version. Inquiries and/or feedback are most welcome. - Fatima Sadiqi

Interview with Fatima Sadiqi: Morocco's King, Mohammed VI, introduced sweeping reforms across the country in 2004 which were designed to eradicate discrimination - he ushered in new laws on equality, divorce rights and polygamy.



Once of SafetyNET's founding members is currently featured in the global Feminist publication Ms. Magazine. Dr Fatima Sadiqi is Professor of Linguistics and Gender Studies at the University of Fes. Her research into the traditional Berber language in Morocco shows the powerful connections between language and women's rights...    Read the full article in Ms. Magazine here


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